KonsolScript 0.3.111009 released

Announcing the fifth bug-fix release of the 0.3.x series — an improvement over KonsolScript 0.3.110904 release. The previous version allowed loading and blitting of images with alpha channels less than 255 (0~244) but a bug caused Quixie to crash which occurs when a 0-alpha pixel is being blitted to another 0-alpha pixel. The previous improvement done on the underlying Blitting function (Multiput) has to be fixed… temporarily. Right now, such case is handled by blitting black-pixel instead — this is obviously have to be treated correctly on later versions.

Download InstallerSo why release a premature build, you ask. This is because several string-handling related bugs were fixed. From String properties of a UDT, to arrays of String, to passing String values to a function, to string-equations. These bugs were uncovered by our friends at Nueva Vizcaya State University, Philippines — more to this later this month.

Available downloads are installers for Ubuntu and Windows. Again, Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 users should have no problem installing it but 11.04 users will have to install it via terminal.
sudo dpkg -i quixie_0.3.111009_i386.deb

Again, this is kind of a preview release so if you find bugs, please report it to help us fix them.